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Warning: all the works are freely downloadable and usable, but only for educational purposes and not for profit. Failure to comply with these rules may be violating copyright. The images are at lower resolution, higher quality versions must be requested directly to the authors.

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Ottobre 2018 - 6 new films on Climate Changes (black cover)
- Opened new Climate Section in Movies Section (black cover)
- Beaching Wales (blue cover)
- Violet Beach (blue cover)
July 2018 - Living in the Sea: Arthropoda Decapoda (heaven cover)
- Living in the Sea: Porifera (heaven cover)
June 2018 - Online Catalogs: Checklist of the Fauna & Flora of the Italian Seas (rainbow cover)
May 2018 - Clean Costs...and around: Arenzano Liguria (green cover)
- Clean Costs...and around: Marina Grande 3 Campania (green cover)
March 2018 - Experiences: The Sea is not to be thrown away (green cover)
- Interactive Plays: Puzzles (yellow cover)
- Contemporary Art: Reflections (lilac cover)
- Living in the Sea: Echinodermata (heaven cover)
December 2017 - Colouring Book 3 (yellow cover)
August 2017 - Simple Guide: Plastic Knowing the Plastic (heaven cover)
- Simple Guide: Plastic Under Water (heaven cover)
- Table plays: Puzzles 1-10 (yellow cover)
- Simple Guide: Macroplastic (heaven cover)
July 2017 - Simple Guide: Trash Monitoring (heaven cover)
- Simple Guide: Microplastic (heaven cover)
June 2017 - New Section "Simple Guide" with the Trash Vortexes (heaven cover)
May 2017 - Clean Costs...and around: Marina Grande 2 Campania (green cover)
- Clean Costs...and around: Green Arcola Liguria (green cover)
- Interactive Plays, Recompose: Mollusca (yellow cover)
- Interactive Plays, Recompose: Crustacea (yellow cover)
April 2017 - Interactive Plays, Memory: Crustacea 1 (yellow cover)
- Clean Costs...and around: Capo Mulini Sicilia (green cover)
- Clean Costs...and around: Marina Grande Campania (green cover)
- Clean Costs...and around: Torre Vado Puglia (green cover)
February 2017 - Have Fun Hour to the Sea (yellow cover)
- ME Art: Icones Algarum Europee (lilac cover)
October 2016 - ME guides: The Benthic Domain (heaven cover)
- Opened Slide & Movies section with 6 films (black cover)
- Shared the "Museo Settepassi" Sea Experiences (green cover)
- ME guides: transferred 5 publications from ITMP (heavenly cover)
- Starting of the ITMEP project