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Warning: all the works are freely downloadable and usable, but only for educational purposes and not for profit. Failure to comply with these rules may be violating copyright. The images are at lower resolution, higher quality versions must be requested directly to the authors.

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April 2017 - Antropology & Art: Headdresses (lilac cover)
Marzo 2017 - Antropology & Art: Necklaces and Pectorals (lilac cover)
November 2016 - 5 films on the "Bronze Age" (black cover)
- Added Luigi Giannelli to Our Friends Photographer (blue cover)
- 21 films of the famous "Primitive Technology" (black cover)
October 2016 - Six movies in new section (black cover)
June 2016 - One Day as Primitive (green cover)
- Starting of the Project